Jonathan Rosen Interiors works to realize and manifest your vision for any space.


We work extensively with the client to identify their taste and inspiration. We help you to manifest your vision with precision and expertise, realizing the individuality of your dream. We will guide you through the process making it personal, easy, and fun.

Your environment is the backdrop for your life. Through styling, we highlight the things you love in the most personal way possible, making sure that things are displayed and arranged in a way that is meaningful to you. The mix makes the magic!

With our signature One Day Makeover, we take apart and reorganize rooms using what you already own,. We put things back together, leaving your space looking infinitely better than we found it. What a difference a day makes!


Jonathan Rosen is a New York City based interior designer who specializes in bespoke residential interiors. Since establishing his firm in 2004, he has helped clients from coast to coast. His style can best be summed up as a clean and edited blend of classic and modern elements, where the focus is always placed on what is best suited for the client’s taste and lifestyle. He believes that incorporating what a client already possesses is an integral part of creating a successful home.  

Jonathan has been published in House BeautifulThe New York TimesMarie ClaireQuest and Time Out. He is the original creator of the “One Day Makeover” as featured in House Beautiful.

It all begins with choosing three words.


We take pride in providing our clients with the time and attention they need to fulfill their dreams. The process begins when we ask our clients to provide us with 3 words that describe how they would like their home to feel. Picture walking through the front door and seeing it all done: your vision realized!



Discover our signature One Day Makeover.


Can't quite figure out why you have so much stuff but your home doesn't feel fully functional or well put together? Do you have all the right stuff in what feels like all the wrong places? Our signature "One Day Makeover,” as featured in House Beautiful, is the solution. We take your rooms apart and put them back together again by using what you already own. And we do it all in just one day! This is instant gratification that won't break the bank.


The magic is in the mix!


Beautifully hung artwork. Thoughtfully assembled bookcases that incorporate your favorite objects. Artfully arranged tabletops that create rich visual landscapes. These are the essential elements that create a one-of-a-kind home. Let us elevate yours by making these transformational changes.

Best Interior Designer that I ever had! Exceptional! He is incredible! He decorates with your style. He incorporates furniture that you have. Artistic talent that is profound!
— Nancy R.
Jonathan is a consummate professional and good listener. He took my vision and designed my apartment beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.
— Diane G.

“Give ‘em what they didn’t know they wanted”

— Diana Vreeland, Style Icon